OUTSIDE (Featuring The Saffron Band)

A Go-Go style feel good song for everyone!

STACCATO - HBCU Danceline Tribute

STACCATO - HBCU Danceline Tribute

Go ahead and stretch first. NEW 16 counts only! 

Much love to the J-settes, Dancing Dolls, Golden Girls, Stingettes, Black Foxes, Golden Delight, Ebony Fire, all collegiate dance lines, cheerleaders, high school dance teams and majorette style dancers of all genders, ethnicities and creeds!

WHO ME? (Vogue Mix)

DJ Fatha Julz got his start by making music productions for the DC Ballroom Scene so Revival starts there! Now VOGUE!

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A Return To My Musical Roots

A Return To My Musical Roots

A Return To My Musical Roots

I uncovered my passion for music at the tender age of 4 years old. Starting with Piano, then Cello, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Percussion and then to Hammond B3 Organ I developed an appreciation for all genres of music from classical to musicals from gospel to ballroom vogue. I took time off from creating but my fire has been reignited. 


A True Revival

A Return To My Musical Roots

A Return To My Musical Roots

As a believer I know my purpose is to glorify God. My upcoming album will feature traditional liturgical music, Gospel House music, HBCU Danceline music and of course Ballroom Vogue tracks. Jesus at the center of it ALL. 


Be Inspired By Everything

A Return To My Musical Roots

Be Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration all around me. I try to make my music representative of myself and my experiences. I fuse different styles of music and diverse subject matter into new artistic works. 

Spring 2020 Free Download

International Fashionista

-From the album Audio Ball (2007) 

-A musical tribute to the Ballroom Fashion Queens and Foot, Eye and Bag Villains. 

DJ Fatha Julz - International Fashionista - 2007- Free Download (mp3)



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